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Pendet Dance : Bali Dances

Tari Pendet

Pendet included in this type of dance guardian, namely dance Bali are staged specifically for the purpose of religious ceremonies. This dance was created by dance artist Bali, I Nyoman Kaler, in the 1970's Goddard tells the story of the decline-goddess heaven to earth. Although dance is classified into different types of dance guardian but with other ceremonial dances which usually require specialized and trained dancers, anyone can dance Pendet, either already trained or who still lay, pemangkus men and women, rural women and girls. Basically in this dance the young girl just follow the movements of senior female dancer in front of them, who understand the responsibility in providing a good example. No need for intensive training.
At first Pendet is a dance of worship that many exhibited at Temple, which describes the reception of the decline to the natural gods marcapada, an offering statement in the form of ritual dance. Gradually, over the development period, the artists change Pendet Balinese dance into dance "Welcome Speech", done while sprinkling flowers in front of the guests who came, like the Aloha in Hawaii. Nevertheless it does not mean Pendet so lost kesakralannya. Pendet still contain elements of the sacred-religious with religious charges include thick. And Pendet agreed born in 1950.

Sacred Pendet
Pendet usually performed in groups or in pairs by the princess, and more dynamic than Rejang dance. Published after Rejang Dance at Pura page and usually facing toward the sacred (pelinggih). The Pendet dancer dancers dress up like other sacred religious ceremonies, by wearing ceremonial garments, each dancer to bring equipment offerings such offerings sangku (holy water vessel), jars, bowls, and others.
Professor of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar, Wayan Dibia, asserted that Pendet dance has long been an integral part of the spiritual life of the Balinese Hindu community. This dance is a dance performed by a group of young women, each carrying a silver bowl (bowl) full of flowers. At the end of the dance the dancers scattered flowers into the audience as a welcome greeting. This dance is usually displayed to welcome the guests or the start of a show (1999: 47). Creator or modern forms of dance choreographer Pendet is I Wayan Rindi (? -1967), A dancer who is widely known as an aspirant art of dance with the ability to preserve the art of composing dance and dance performance through learning on future generations.
During his life he actively teaches a variety of dance, including dance Pendet to the descendants of the family or outside the family. According to his youngest son, I Ketut Sutapa, I Wayan Rindi modify Pendet sacred to welcome Pendet who now claimed to Malaysia as part of its culture. I Wayan Rindi family deeply regrets this. During his life, I Wayan Rindi never thought to register his findings so as not to be imitated in other countries.

Karonsih Dance : East Java

Dance Karonsih romance tells the story of love between the princess Candra Kirana Galuh or Dyah Sekartadji with her boyfriend named Panji Asamara Bangun. Galuh is the daughter of origin Kertamerta kingdom in Kediri, and Panji Asmara Bangun was the son of King Ox Amiluhur Jenggala king. This is where the dance is often used or played at a wedding reception, which seems like a romance the bride and groom her love between Galuh Candra Kirana with Panji Asmara Bangun.

Bondan Dance : Central Java

Bondan is a dance dance from Surakarta, Central Java. a young woman carrying an open umbrella toys and dolls, dancing with caution over the pitcher who should not be trampled and broken. This dance symbolizes a mother that keeps her children carefully.
This dance is divided into 3, namely Bondan Cindogo, Bondan Mardisiwi, and Bondan Mountains / Farmer. Dance Bondan Cindogo and Mardisiwi symbolizes a mother who looked after him a newborn with care and with compassion. But Bondan Cindogo the only kid who ditimang-buckle eventually died. Who's on Bondan Mardisiwi not, and often without the use of dance perlengakapan kendhi like the Bonda Cindogo.
In the 1960s, Dance Bondan is pre-eminent dance or dance a must for beautiful women to show who his true identity. Almost all the dancers dance is a flower Bonda village. Bonda dance is also danced the most difficult because while carrying the doll, the dancer must get ready to rise above the pitcher who spin, rolling-mutarkan paper umbrella. Dancers usually featuring Dance Dance Bonda Bonda Cindogo and wear cloth Mardisiwi Wiron, wearing Jamang, halter dress, wearing a bun, holding doll, carrying an umbrella, and bring kendhi. To gendhing iringannya-Sift sifter Ladrang Ginonjing forwarded. While Bondan Mountains, describing the behavior of women from the mountains who was busy working on the fields, rice fields, dry farming. Previously only the accompaniment of songs but now accompanied gendhing Dolanan.

Feature dance: That is dressed like a country girl, holding basket, wearing caping and bring agricultural equipment. The first dance form depicts the lives of farmers and outer clothing depicting mountain girl removed one by one with his back to the audience. Next to dance like a dance move or Mardisiwi Cindogo Bonda.
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